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‘Black boxes’ to start tweeting?

Added on 10 September 2010 by Tim Robinson

Can aviation safety be enhanced by always-on flight data telemetry being transmitted back to base? With growing connectivity in the air – some argue that it is time that the traditional airliner ‘black box’ gets connected.

The Flight Data Recorder or 'Black Box'

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The Optimum Aeroplane and Beyond: Rising to the Opportunities and Challenges of the 21st Century

Added on 03 February 2010 by Royal Aeronautical Society

The current expectation is that the demand for air transport will continue to grow throughout the next century. Aviation is an enabler, serving many market sectors and contributing to improved quality of life for many millions of people around the world. There are brand new markets emerging in India and China and in the mature markets new business models have increased demand substantially. Go To Item

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Higher Education’s Contribution to Aeronautics

Added on 03 February 2010 by Royal Aeronautical Society

Aeronautics and aviation rely heavily upon science and technology for their success. The complexity and level of the intellectual challenges that are put down has meant that, from the very beginning, academics have made many important contributions and academia has provided bespoke, high quality training for those people who wish to work in the associated industries. Go To Item

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