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The Ann Welch Lecture was established in 2006 to honour the life and work of one of the most outstanding personalities in aviation. Her achievements in gliding, and in pioneering hang-gliding and microlighting in the UK, together with writing about all aspects of aviation that affect general aviation pilots, and encouraging young people into flying, has been an inspiration to many.

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Ballooning: Not Just a Lot of Hot Air

Added on 24 February 2010 by Royal Aeronautical Society

As a diversion to the normal hot air and Rozier balloon exploits, Janet will present her experiences in long distance competitive gas ballooning. At the Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon Race in 2009 Janet and Ann Rich broke the female duration world record flying for almost 70 hours, covering 1,100 kms from Geneva to Madrid. The gas used was hydrogen and the balloon was a traditional “old” gas balloon.

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