Piasecki: Pioneers in Progress for More than 60 Years

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Piasecki Aircraft Corporation (PiAC) is a small aerospace business with more than sixty (60) years experience in research, aerospace technology development, rapid prototyping, testing for military and civilian aerospace industry worldwide.
Its founder, Frank Nicholas Piasecki, was a pioneer in the vertical aviation industry and served as PiAC President until his death in February 11th 2008.

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In 1943, Piasecki developed and flew America’s second successful helicopter (the PV-2), and in 1945 invented the world’s first tandem rotor helicopter (the XHRP -1) which led to the development of the H-21, H-46 and H-47. After selling his Piasecki Helicopter Corporation to Boeing, he founded Piasecki Aircraft Corporation in 1955 to explore advanced VTOL aircraft technologies including UAVs, heavy lift rotorcraft and high speed compound rotorcraft. In all, Piasecki has designed, developed and flown over 28 advanced vertical lift systems. His many achievements and awards include America’s highest technical award, the National Medal of Technology, presented by the President of the United States in 1986 for contributions in the advancement of the vertical flight, the Medal of Merit (Poland) in recognition of his contribution to the Polish aerospace industry and his direct assistance in obtaining U.S. FAA certification for the “Sokol” helicopter, awarded by Lech Walesa, President, Poland 1994, and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s Lifetime Achievement Award presented in 2005.
John Piasecki’s presentation will touch on the history of Piasecki’s pioneering VTOL designs and how many have evolved for present day and future application. PiAC pioneered numerous, highly-innovative rotorcraft designs including the PV-2, the tandem helicopter, the Aerial Geep flying cars, the Pathfinder Ring-Tail High-speed Compound Helicopter, the Sea Bat Unmanned Helicopter Drone, the Heli-Stat heavy lift hybrid aircraft, and most recently PiAC has completed flight testing the X-49A SpeedHawk VTDP Compound Helicopter, and is developing various unmanned aerial vehicle designs for the United States Department of Defense.

2009 Cierva Lecture

Recorded: Tuesday 6th October 2009

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About the speaker:

John Piasecki

President & Chief Executive Officer, Piasecki Aircraft

John Weyerhaeuser Piasecki received a BA degree in Political Science (with Distinction) from Yale University. In 1989, he joined Piasecki Aircraft as Executive Assistant to the President, responsible for proposal development, contract negotiation and administration. In 1991, after becoming Vice President, Contracts and Administration, Mr Piasecki’s responsibilities were expanded to include oversight of all business development and financial aspects of the company, as well as purchasing, human resources, strategic planning, public and government relations. In February 2008, he assumed the role of President and CEO with responsibility for leading the overall management of the Company. Mr Piasecki is currently a Director of the Rock Island Company, a Trustee of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, and former Public Policy Chair of the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Mr Piasecki is an active member of the American Helicopter Society, National Defense Industrial Association, Yale Alumni Schools Committee, The Haverford School Advisory Board and a former Director of the Opera Company of Philadelphia.

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