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This occasional lecture honours Major Kenneth Beaumont CBE, DSO, MA (Oxon), AFRAeS. Beaumont was the UK’s most prominent name in air law, after starting as technical advisor to Imperial Airways in the mid-1920s. Beaumont’s firm is still in existence, under the name of ‘Beaumont and Son’ and has offices in London, Rio de Janeiro and Singapore.

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Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire: 10 Years in the Life of Scheduled Airlines in Britain

Added on 02 February 2010 by Royal Aeronautical Society

The last 10 years have not seen the overdue consolidation in the world’s airline industry. There are still too many airlines chasing too few passengers. The provision of infrastructure has been haphazard (new airports in China, new runways in the Gulf, prolific discussion in the UK). The continuing regula tory drag, and inter state imbalance, has inhibited many necessary efficiencies.

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