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Frank Whittle’s successors: How government can best support aerospace innovation

Added on 03 February 2010 by Royal Aeronautical Society

Lord Drayson assesses the role of government in the achievements of the UK’s aerospace industry to date.

He outlined the challenges facing the sector over the next few decades – those affecting scientists, business leaders and policy makers before considering how lessons from the past should inform a successful and strategic approach to the future. Go To Item

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Air Power in Ages of Austerity

Added on 31 January 2010 by Royal Aeronautical Society

The Chancellor’s pre-budget speech is likely to make clear the scale of the financial challenge facing us. Yet the world remains a dangerously unpredictable place as it emerges from the financial crisis into an as yet ill-defined multi-polar state. While we rightly concentrate all efforts on Afghanistan we must not lose sight of the current and future threats to the national interest that history tells us will emerge, often in unexpected form. Go To Item

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