CONFERENCE: Spring 2011 Flight Simulation

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Spring 2011 Flight Simulation Conference

The World Outside The Aircraft - Simulating The Operational Environment

Much progress has been made and discussed in previous RAeS Flight Simulation Group Conferences on the simulation of an aircraft and its operational systems for use in flight crew training. International standards have even been drafted in the civil arena defining required levels of simulation fidelity as a function of training tasks.

But what are the challenges that still need addressing in the fidelity of the simulation of the real world environment outside the aircraft? What is missing or lacking in this area that could improve the training value and realism of flight simulation based aircrew training in both civilian and military operations? What are the challenges to be resolved and how should we address them?

This informative and wide-ranging Conference will examine these issues from the perspectives of civil and military fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft manufacturers and operators, makers and users of training systems, training providers, airspace managers, researchers, and regulators.  The papers, some of which will be novel and contentious, will be presented by leading experts in their fields and some 150 delegates are expected from Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Indian sub-continent, China and the Far East.  Regardless of whether you are involved with management, manufacturing, training, regulating, airspace, or any other aspect of civil or military flight and flight training operations, this Conference provides a unique opportunity to become involved, discuss the issues and influence the work required to resolve them.

Online registration will be available shortly.

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  1. Cannot open “Call for abstract” information in “Spring 2011 Flight Simulation” page

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      Thanks for pointing this out Göran. The link was missing, so please try again.
      You can find it just above the google map, also, embedded in the image at the top of the posting.

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