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CONFERENCE: Women in Aerospace & Aviation

Added on 08 March 2011 by Emma Bossom

From Pioneers to Presidents: Celebrating a Century of Women in Flight

Following the success of last year’s RAeS Women in Aerospace & Aviation Conference, the 2011 Networking Event will celebrate a century of women’s acheivements in flight.

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SEMINAR: Spitfire Women’s Half Day Seminar

Added on 08 March 2011 by Emma Bossom

The Wonderful Women Ferry Pilots of the Air Transport Auxiliary

The Royal Aeronautical Society is offering a unique opportunity to meet the few surviving women pilots who ferried every type of military aircraft during World War II, including fighters, huge four-engine bombers as the sole pilot and even the first British jet-engine aeroplane. By the end of the war, ATA pilots had each flown dozens of different aircraft, sometimes several in one day, often never having seen the aeroplane before, far less flown it.

During the seminar, you will hear why the ATA was such a unique organisation, how the women ferry pilots were trained and what they achieved, what an RAF bomber pilot thought of the young women who delivered aircraft to his base, and finally hear from the so-called ‘Spitfire Women’ themselves about their memories of these extraordinary times and their experiences.

At the end of this special seminar, the Royal Aeronautical Society will be making a presentation to the ATA women pilots present to honour their extraordinary achievements.

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Added on 01 March 2011 by Emma Bossom

For more than half a century now, the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS) has provided for the world’s aerospace engineers, scientists, technologists and managers, the preeminent forum to present and discuss the latest developments in aeronautics. This remarkable apolitical organization founded by Theodore von Karman and his international colleagues, continues to build on its impressive heritage, to be even more relevant to the global aerospace and aviation industries. This world congress staged biennially by ICAS is the key opportunity for those committed to serving those industries to meet, present, discuss and create opportunities that can only be done in such an international environment.

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SYMPOSIUM: Would You Fly With This Pilot?

Added on 21 January 2011 by Royal Aeronautical Society

Aerospace Medicine Symposium: A Selection of Challenging Aeromedical Cases

This medical ‘Grand Round’ will educate aeromedical specialists about the decision-making process in complex aeromedical cases and the need to understand the evidence base underpinning the decisions made. The combination of military and civilian national level experts in aerospace medicine that would not be obtainable from any other source will ensure that aerospace medical practitioners will benefit in their daily practice from attending this Symposium.

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STEWART LECTURE: The Story Behind the Spin

Added on 20 January 2011 by Emma Bossom

The Story Behind the Spin: The Human Centrifuge in Aerospace Medicine

Perhaps best known as a fiendish torture device from which James Bond escaped, or an exhausting experience during flying training, the human centrifuge has been pivotal to advancements in aviation and space medicine over the last 80 years.  In this presentation, the story of the struggle against G force is told from the perspective of the human centrifuge.  In addition to understanding how it contributed to the development of modern day G protection, some of the technical challenges associated with the device will be explored. From a past rooted in research and development to possible futures in flight simulation and human spaceflight, the story of the centrifuge will be revealed in this Stewart Memorial Lecture.

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ASD / CEAS Conference, Brussels

Added on 12 November 2010 by Sam Phillips


High Value, Low Carbon, Europes Future

The most important multistakeholder high level roundtable congress in Brussels in December 2010.
This is the aerospace event of the year where decision maker of the most leading European industry, politics and research meet.

Change!  Innovation!  Vision 2050!

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