LECTURE: The Blades Aerobatic Team and 2Excel Aviation

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The Blades Aerobatic Team and 2Excel Aviation

The Blades Aerobatic Team formed in 2006, and since then has displayed to over 18 million people and flown over 3000 corporate passengers on formation aerobatic flights. Operating as the UK’s only full-time civilian aerobatic team and the World’s only globally accredited aerobatic airline, Myles will explain the significance and importance of this.

Myles Garland will talk about training, how the team design and incorporate new manoeuvres into the display, and how The Blades approached their first display season in a high- performance propeller aircraft having flown thousands of hours in fast jets.

The Blades parent company, 2Excel Aviation has expanded rapidly since 2006 and now delivers a wide range of aviation based products. From ‘Unforgettable Events’ such as a 300 person Summer Ball, to trials and test flying in their 2 PA31 Navajo aircraft, to operating several luxurious Beech King Air 200s for their clients, 2Excel is an extremely agile company and Myles will discuss how these capabilities all come together to make 2Excel and The Blades truly unique.

About the speaker

Sqn Ldr (Ret) Myles Garland

Blade 1 and Team Leader of The Blades Aerobatic Team

Myles Garland was born in Vancouver in 1971. Educated at St. Boniface’s College, Devon, Myles developed his keen interest in aviation and was subsequently awarded a Royal Air Force Flying Scholarship. He joined the RAF immediately after completing his A-levels. After flying training on both the Jet Provost and the Hawk, Myles’ operational career began on the Harrier GR7.  He was posted to No1 (Fighter) Squadron based at RAF Wittering and took part in exercises all over the world.  In 1997 he embarked with the Squadron onto HMS Illustrious for the first Harrier GR7 deployment to an Aircraft carrier. Shortly after, having proven the concept, the Squadron were deployed to the Gulf onboard HMS Invincible during Operation SOUTHERN WATCH.

In 1999, as a Qualified Weapons Instructor on the Harrier, Myles took part in operations over Kosovo and the former Yugoslavia where he was ‘Mentioned in Dispatches’ for gallantry.  On completion of his first operational tour, Myles was posted to instructional duties 20 (Reserve) Squadron teaching ab-initio and post graduate Harrier Pilots the art of weaponeering and tactics.

In 2000, Myles was successful in applying to the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team and flew with the Red Arrows for the 2001-2003 display seasons.  During his time with the Reds, Myles was promoted to Squadron Leader aged 29 and chosen to fly as part of the famous ‘Syncho Pair’.

On leaving the Red Arrows Myles returned to operational front-line duties on the Harrier as a flight commander then Deputy Squadron Commander on No 3 (Fighter) Squadron based at RAF Cottesmore.

In 2005 as 3(F) Squadron disbanded as a Harrier Squadron before immediately re-forming as a Typhoon Squadron, Myles left the RAF with over 3000 fast jet flying hours and became one of the founding members of The Blades.

This will be Myles’ sixth year with The Blades and his third year as Blade 1.  During his time with The Blades he has flown in a number of positions including 2 years as Blade 4 developing, inventing and performing the dynamic solo manoeuvres.

This RAeS General Aviation Group Evening Lecture is organised and held in partnership with The Guild of Air Pilots & Air  Navigators (GAPAN).

Refreshments will be served from 17.30hrs and the lecture will commence at 18.00hrs.

Please RSVP to the Conference & Events Department at [email protected]

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