Asian Aerospace 2011 - Day 3 wrap-up

Added on 10 March 2011 by Tim Robinson

Closing thoughts from the final Day 3 of the Asian Aerospace 2011 exhibition held in Hong Kong.

The new face of China - Rolls-Royce and Challenger 850.

While big airline deals naturally grab attention and generate headlines perhaps the best example of the wealth being created by the ‘new China; was the static display of business jets at Asian Aerospace – which boasted a packed ramp with 22 aircraft.

A comparison with the photo below is instructive – taken at Asian Aerospace in 2007 it shows the then new HKBAC hangar – with a single jet parked nearby.

Asian Aerospace four years ago.

Today the picture is much more different – with jets crammed in close. And while there are 22 aircraft on display, this figure does not include another nine or ten aircraft that were there naturally outside the display on the ramp.

Same location today and a packed ramp.

The size of jets too is significant – with the smallest being a Bombardier LearJet 60XR, or perhaps the Gulfstream G150. And there were only two turboprop aircraft on display – a Pilatus PC-12 and Hawker Beechcraft King Air 350i.

The lap of luxury - a VIP Airbus A318 Elite

Those trying to pitch VLJs to the new generation of Chinese billionaires then – may have to think again – here a large cabin aircraft tells your friends and indeed the world, you have arrived.

With this aviation show – China has most definitely arrived.

And finally…

No wood panelling, glass cockpit, or bespoke carpets - but the joy of flight for €70,000.

However if your wallet doesn’t stretch to a BBJ or ACJ, then Japan’s Gen Corporation has just the thing for you – a one-person helicopter for some €70,000. This helicopter, called the Gen H-4 is a co-axial design with the pilot tilting the fixed rotors and engine(s) assembly itself. Endurance is 60minutes from the four 124cc engines that provide power. Extremely easy to fly, the Gen H-4 incredibly does not need a helicopter or pilots licence to fly in Japan. The company is now working on EASA certification as well as an UAV version.

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