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Targeting & Delivering Effect for Future Force 2020

The Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), Securing Britain in an Age of Uncertainty, outlines the needs of the UK’s future force structure. This structure, Future Force 2020, will be a highly capable force ready to react, at various levels of intensity, to the complex threat scenarios that may develop in future.  It will be a flexible and expeditionary force based on fewer platforms that must be able to deliver effectors with a high degree of accuracy and in a timely manner by air, land or sea.

The threats Future Force 2020 is likely to meet will be challenging. For instance, the threat can use camouflage, concealment and deception measures, presenting targets that could be fleeting in nature. In addition, those threats may evolve more rapidly than our existing development cycles.  Moreover, it is anticipated that allied operations will be constrained by rules of engagement where collateral damage is unacceptable politically or legally.

For this transition to become a reality, the challenges of affordability must be met to provide these capability needs. Can we develop or adapt systems, technologies and operations to achieve this?

In order to address these issues, a classified conference is being organised by the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Weapon Systems and Technology Specialist Group.  This conference will focus on future operational needs, force structure or system concepts, targeting and weapon effects aligned to Future Force 2020.

Papers are invited to discuss the future weapon systems technologies contributing to:

•    Current and future force structures, platform roles and desired effects.

•    Challenges for weapons systems arising from SDSR - Coalition interoperability, flexibility and supportability.

•    Future shocks - disruptive technologies and techniques.

•    Approaches to Reconstitution – E.g. focus on science & technology, implications for industry.

•    Current and future Targeting and Designation capabilities – Time criticality and precision.

•    Current and future tactical mission planning - Force packages, Battle Damage Assessment (BDA), tactics, Concepts of Operation (CONOPS) and enabling technologies.

•    Future Effectors – New concepts, technologies and systems.

•    Effector affordability – Innovation in adaptability, flexibility and value.

•    European collaboration strategies relevant to weapon systems and technologies.

Full details on how to submit an abstract for the Weapon Systems & Technology Classified Conference can be found here.

The dealine for received abstracts is 8th April 2011.

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