LECTURE: Training Aircrew for Concorde

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This Lecture will focus on the training of cockpit crew for Concorde. Together, Capt John Eames and SEO Roger Bricknell will discuss Flight Crew Training, highlighting the differences between Concorde and subsonic airliners that Pilots had to be trained to cope with. In addition, the lecture will touch on the novelty and complexity of Concorde at the time of its introduction, including fly-by-wire control of the centre of gravity by fuel transfer, behaviour at high incidence, adjustable air intakes and exhausts, the reduced range in subsonic flight and the emergency procedures for pressurisation problems at 60,000ft.

About the Speakers

Capt John Eames

Retired British Airways Senior Concorde Pilot

Captain John D Eames was trained as a flight navigator by British Overseas Airways Corporation after leaving The Royal Air Force and flew worldwide as a co-pilot and navigator with Boeing 707 aircraft, Lockheed Constellation and Bristol Britannia. John was promoted to Captain on the 707 fleet and, after two years, appointed a Training Captain where his responsibilities were to train new pilots and carry out recurrent flight and simulator checks on fleet Pilots. A year before Concorde entered commercial service, John was selected to join the Concorde Nucleus group where his task was to fly with the Concorde Test Pilots on the very extensive route proving flights that were demanded by the British and French Authorities before the issue of a Certificate of Airworthiness. As Concorde entered service in 1976 John was fully occupied flying the routes and training new crew. John remained on the Concorde fleet as British Airways Senior Concorde Pilot until his retirement.

Roger  Bricknell

Retired British Airways Senior Flight Engineer Officer

Roger Charles Bricknell started his career as a Liaison Engineer BAC 1-11 at British Aircraft Corporation before joining British Overseas Airways Corporation as a Flight Engineer. For 9 years he flew VC10 aircraft including 4 years as a Line Instructor. For his 24 years flying experience with Concorde, Roger was Line Instructor for 10 years and CAA approved instructor / examiner for 14 years. Roger also had management responsibilities in the latter 10 years of his career, flying and instructing on Concorde. He was a Flight Technical Officer on the B-737 fleet with primary responsibility for MEL and Dispensation Activity. During this time Roger completed a B-737-400 simulator course with Boeing. In addition, during his time spent in the Operational Standards Team, Roger was a Manager and then a Senior Manager and his tasks were to carry out Operational Standards Audits in flight on all BA Fleets on a 3 year schedule and all companies which were franchised to BA or those in which BA held a financial interest.

This evening lecture will be preceded by the Society’s Aerospace & Aviation Book Fair, which commences at 11am. This is a great opportunity for our members to browse through and purchase a wide selection of aviation and aerospace literature.

Refreshments will be served from 17.30hrs and the lecture will commence at 18.00hrs.

Please RSVP to the Conference & Events Department at [email protected]

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