CONFERENCE: Weapon Systems and Technology for Enduring Campaigns

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November 24, 2010
November 25, 2010
MoD Shrivenham
+44 149 162 9912
MoD Shrivenham, Swindon, United Kingdom, SN6 8LA

Classified Conference

Enduring Campaigns are a feature of warfare and in this context mean those operations that require a sustained, long-term presence of a military force in order to assist a country to achieve an acceptable end state.

Examples include the conflict in Gaza, Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger conflict, the war in Darfur, cocaine trading in Colombia, UK troubles in Northern Ireland and the US and NATO operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It could be said that recent Planning Assumptions didn’t account for enduring campaigns.

Today’s enduring peace-keeping and policing campaigns are recognised, by definition, as those worth the outcome. Typically, the investment to ‘make a stand’ comes from a participating nation’s defence budget or special funding. But, especially when defence budgets shrink and other economic pressures prevail, the investment in enduring campaigns is scrutinised. Reasons for the extension of campaigns are examined. Emphasis is placed on achieving the end-goals of the campaign, but often the available prosecution methods prove less effective than initially expected.

What technologies can be developed or transferred to these enduring campaigns to address expectations, or can be brought to bear after campaigns take unexpected turns?

Please note this is a UK Classified Conference and all delegates will be required to hold the necessary security clearance. Each participant is responsible for obtaining their own security clearance to enter MoD Shrivenham for the purpose of attending this conference. Cleared foreign nationals to give 6 weeks notice of attendance.

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