CONFERENCE: Spring 2010 Flight Simulation Conference

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Flight Simulation Technology: Future Potential

40th Anniversary of the First RAeS International Flight Simulation Symposium

The Royal Aeronautical Society’s Flight Simulation Group Conferences are both well established and highly successful. In 2010, it will be 40 years since the first such international symposium. To mark that anniversary, a special Conference will be held to examine the latest flight simulation technology, consider trends, define the challenges and review future opportunities.

The Conference will begin with a session reviewing the first international symposium and discussing progress over the past 40 years – expectations dashed and expectations fulfilled. Subsequent sessions will discuss modelling, visual and motion cueing requirements, environmental representation, simulator testing and maintenance, mission simulation and training and interoperability.

This informative and wide-ranging two day Conference will examine flight simulation technology – the art and the science – from the perspectives of fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft manufacturers and operators, makers and users of training systems, training providers, airspace managers, researchers, and regulators. The Conference has a very broad agenda and seeks both to ensure that appropriate work is taken forward and also to determine how the Royal Aeronautical Society might best facilitate progress.

The papers, some of which will be novel and contentious, will be presented by leading experts in their fields and some 150 delegates are expected from Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Indian sub-continent, China and the Far East. Regardless of whether you are involved with management, manufacturing, training, regulating, airspace, or any other aspect of operations, this Conference provides a unique opportunity to engage in discussing the issues and influence the work required to resolve them.

Lecture to follow

The Conference will be followed by the Edwin A Link Lecture, which is open to everyone and is free to attend. Marion Broughton from Thales will be presenting ‘Why the Downturn is an Opportunity’. The Edwin A Link Lecture was established in 2007 to honour Edwin A Link, the distinguished pioneer of synthetic training. His remarkable foresight led to the creation of the Link Trainer, or ‘Blue Box’ as it came to be known, the precursor of today’s powerful synthetic training devices, most notably full flight simulators.

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