Three Cool Gadgets for Your Pet

Healthy Pet

Cats and dogs are the two most common pet animals to have. We might grow too attached to them and sometimes feel very difficult to leave them alone. We also want our pets to be well-trained, able to perform simple tasks such as playing Frisbee or catching a ball. For cats, pooping and peeing on the right spots is enough to be considered as well trained cats. Luckily, technology has been developed to help us with our behaviors and hobbies, such as keeping pets.

Here are the three must-have gadgets to make taking care of our pets easier:

Feeding your pet with an automatic feeder

FeedingAutomatic feeder, as the name suggests, feed your pet without your presence. By adjusting the feeder’s schedule through your smartphone, you can do your out-of-house activities with the peace of mind.

However, you should be wise in choosing an automatic feeder. Make sure that the food container can be correctly sealed and does not allow any bugs manifestation. Ants, for example, can ruin your pet’s food. Ants also might be carrying infectious parasites or worms that can make your pets ill.

Keeping your pet active with Interactive playing devices

PetcubeWhen you keep a dog or a cat in an apartment, you cannot allow your pet to wander around the neighborhood freely, unless you are sure that you live in a pet-friendly hood. Like it or not, our pets spend most of their time indoors, which can be frustrating and behavior-altering.

A distressed dog can be aggressive. A frustrated cat can be annoying. It will poop or pee more frequently and will not use the space we have provided.

Devices such as Pet Cube plays with your cat using laser point that you can adjust with your smartphone. iFetch fetches a small ball with your dog. iFetch ball replacement is affordable, so you do not need to worry if your dog loses it.

Teaching acceptable behaviors with shock collars

shock collarShock collars might be a controversial choice for a pet’s accessory, but that is only if the collar can prominently hurt the pet. There are products out there that have a safety mechanism. They will not allow the owner to inflict an injuring shock on the pet.

When using a shock collar, you can link the shock with an undesired behavior. It can function as a training device or an invisible dog fence, a perimeter control for your dog. The device will help you a lot when you live in an area that is not welcoming to dog presence.


There are technological devices out there that will make your job to keep your pet healthy both physically and psychologically easier. By allocating some of your saving, you can make a significant change to your household and brings happiness to both your pet and yourself.