How to Convert MKV Files to MP4 or AVI in Simple Steps

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Several videos come in Matroska or MKV file formats. However, the format is not supported by several players, unlike MP4 or AVI. Rather than scrambling around trying to find a program that can play an MKV video, it is better to convert it to either AVI or MP4. The process is quite simple. Below are the steps to follow when converting MKV TO AVI/MP4. You can also check other blogs to find out more on the topic that this post is discussing.

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Download Free-make MKV-MP4/AVI Converter

Start by downloading the utility online then run the program by double-clicking it. The program can only run on laptops OR computers with operating systems Windows 7, 8, 10 or Vista. Click Next in all the prompts to the end.

Next Step Is to Add Matroska Files

There is a Video button that enables one to add the MKV videos they want to encode. One can add several videos then convert them all at once. However, for large videos, one may need to convert one after the other to avoid overloading the software. The program supports all the Matroska files with h264 codec only.

Select the Format You Want

Depending on the player that one intends to use, they can select the right supported format. MP4 is the most recommended format since most portable players support it. AVI is best suited for televisions.

Check for the Difference

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One does not need to struggle by adjusting various settings. However, one can still improve the control of their files by clicking on the drop-down menu to explore the available options. The user is required to pay close attention to understand the difference between the files. The program also offers a personalized preset option at the lower side of the menu. The settings may include codec, bitrate, frame size, frame rate, and other audio parameters. Additionally, one can save the presets or settings for use in the future when converting such files.

Save the Videos

When everything is set, it is the time to start the conversion process. The conversion time varies depending on the speed of the computer used. There is a blue button written Convert. Click on the button to begin the encoding process. When all the videos have been converted, one can check their new video format in the target folder. VLC or KMP players have commonly used for opening MP4 as well as AVI files. The program is ideal when converting Matroska videos.

Additional Tips

The converter allows advanced users to do much more than just converting videos. They can transform their clips as well as modify their videos using the Scissors button. For those who may want to play their web rip files on mobile phones may consider reducing the size of their files to save space. There is a weight sign that allows the user to adjust the size of their files.

Despite the popularity of Matroska files, most mobile phones, as well as other players, still, do not support it. The easiest solution to this is to convert the files into AVI or MP4 formats.