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Aerospace Medicine Symposium: A Selection of Challenging Aeromedical Cases

This medical ‘Grand Round’ will educate aeromedical specialists about the decision-making process in complex aeromedical cases and the need to understand the evidence base underpinning the decisions made. The combination of military and civilian national level experts in aerospace medicine that would not be obtainable from any other source will ensure that aerospace medical practitioners will benefit in their daily practice from attending this Symposium.

Aviation medicine practitioners are in the business of keeping flight crews in the air.  When flight personnel become medically unfit, a challenging decision-making process may be required to enable them to regain full or partial flight status.   The available evidence must be thoroughly reviewed and a careful assessment of the risks must be made.  In this Aerospace Medicine Symposium, a selection of recent challenging cases will be presented from military and civil aviation.  The audience will be led through the decision-making process in each case, and the evidence for each decision will be examined.  The Symposium will help practitioners examine their own decision making processes, and understand the evidence based medicine approach used to develop fitness to fly standards.

Who should attend?

  • Aerospace Medical practioners from both military and civil backgrounds
  • UK Authorised Aeromedical Examiners
  • Military and civilian operators

Please note, due to medical confidentiality, only healthcare professionals will be admitted to this conference. No press permitted.

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  • Event venue: Royal Aeronautical Society Headquarters
    Address: No.4 Hamilton Place, London, United Kingdom, W1J 7BQ - View Map Below

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