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Added on 01 June 2011 by Emma Bossom

Flight Simulation Group June 2011 Newsletter

This is your round-up of all the latest news and activities from the RAeS Flight Simulation Group.

The Flight Simulation Group (FSG) is the specialist group of the Society which deals with the design, manufacture, installation and operation of simulation equipment and synthetic environments, and the economic and human factors which bear on the use of simulators for research and development and for civil and military flight crew training. The Group maintains a significant international footprint and keeps abreast of flight simulation requirements in both civil and military areas worldwide, including the requirements of national and multinational civil regulatory authorities.

In addition to the Conferences and Lectures that the Committee organises, the FSG also serves the flight simulation industry and its workforce through a wide programme of activities that seek to educate, inform, inspire and promote flight simulation. These include leading an International Working Group on standards for flight simulation training devices and jointly sponsoring, with Cranfield University, a short course to provide an introduction to flight simulation.

The next Flight Simulation Group event is the Spring Conference on the World Outside the Aircraft: Simulating the Operational Environment, which will take place on 8th & 9th June at No.4 Hamilton Place, London. Following the first day of the Conference, John Farley will present the Edwin Link Lecture on his career and experiences as a flight simulation user. The Lecture will commence at 18.00hrs and is free for all to attend. Please RSVP to [email protected]

The FSG’s June 2011 Newsletter is now available to download, with an update on all of the Group’s recent activities or visit their website for more information.

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